Photos: Stonefield @ Baby's All Right

Photos: Stonefield @ Baby's All Right

Ahhhh the sisters of Stonefield. I actually saw them open for King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard this past summer at Central Park Summer Stage. It was the first show I've attended alone; I'm happy I did. Whenever I'm with my girlfriend Liz or friends at an outdoor show you can always find us hanging on the outskirts chatting during the openers, enjoying the scene, and running back and forth to the bar to re-up on drinks. It was Stonefield and Orb who opened for Gizzard. Orb was equally as great, but Stonefield stood out. First off - their LOOK. A group made up of four sisters with an early 1970's Southern California vibe to them. Something out of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

I walked up the block of Baby's. Wanted to make sure to get there somewhat early since there isn't a photo pit - had to make sure I was up front for the set. Castle Rat led off the night with a pretty short but intense set. You'll see below in the photos - it was a pretty dark set. Was it the costumes? Was it the fake blood pouring from the leads mouth? Was it the giant, grim reaper looking rat? Maybe we'll never know. They just released their single It Isn't Clean - go check it out. It was a great set, even though the antics personally my thing.

 A quick 15 minute break and Stonefield was set to go. The Findlay sisters which make up the group, Amy, Hannah, Holly and Sarah made their way onto the stage for a hyped up, Thursday night crowd. Super energetic show - Amy said "phew it's HOT in this spot" after a few songs. Her hair becoming more and more wet; I don't blame her - lead vocals and drums isn't a walk in the park. Great set - probably a little over an hour long. Energetic moshing crowd with some crowd surfing here and there. Overall a great time and a show I'd be more than happy to shoot again without a photo pit. Go check out Stonefield if they're ever touring in your area (looking at your Europe) - dates linked below.

Photos by Colin Ridgway

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