New Yorkers Photograph: December Blizzard

New Yorkers Photograph: December Blizzard
I knew a lot of photographers we're getting amped up to shoot the first big snow of the season. A lot of our creative energies were slacking this past year. This snow storm felt like such a refreshing and revitalizing; a night where I ran into friends I haven't seen in months, a night where you could become reenergized, and a night where you could create something beautiful. I'm stunned on how much talent there is here in the New York photo community. And the thing about it, a lot of the photographers below do it for a passion. Sure they shoot large campaigns, music festivals, editorials, but they also get their hands wet (and super cold) when they could easily be inside their warm apartments on a cold night. SO, enjoy the photos below. If you like someone's work, please give them a follow on their social platforms. It helps more than you know. Thanks for stopping by. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. - Colin

Chris Pierantoni "Krispy"
"Krispy is a professional photographer and visual artist hailing from Queens, New York. With a reputation for consistently delivering a dynamic visual experience, specializing in photography and filming for campaigns, music festivals, celebrity portraits, and travel. Krispy demonstrates a versatility that is always fresh, vibrant, and one of a kind."
Jessica Irani
"Brooklyn-based photographer Jessica Irani aka @jsscuhwashere specializes in street photography, portraits, travel, and documenting some of the most important movements of our time. Her intuitive style always finds a way to capture the pure magic of life in the city and the colorful characters that inhabit it."

 Isaac Campbell
Soup, is a Brooklyn based photographer + disc jockey.

Adam Schnee
“Had a meditative experience deep inside the storm, yet despite this respite from the conditions outside, I continued to carry on, feeling like a kid in a candy store, around every corner a new interesting wintery scene, I couldn’t help myself and I couldn’t get enough, I snapped and snapped and marched on, trekking and waiting and observing, listening to the blustery gusts of flakes smashing me in the face, trying to see through it all, to find meaning in the cold, to find warmth in the oasis of my soul, until that bite of frost, until I lost the feeling of my fingers, where the camera stopped being an extension of myself and just became an albatross hanging around my neck, just another brick when it’s already way too brick. And on my way home, when I’ve left that comfy zone, where all the city is mine, and there is no time, I can safely say, I’d never have it any other way.”

Emily Beregovich
"I'm Emily Beregovich, I'm a Brooklyn based photographer and I run the @55thand3rd Instagram account where I post my street and portrait photos. I'm studying to be an oral historian and I love stories in all mediums, but especially stories through photos and verbal storytelling."

Cesar Villar
"My name is Cesar. I'm a photographer from Queens, New York. I started taking photos about 5 years ago, I wanted to document the rapid change in my neighborhood. My work is mostly focused on landscape street photography. I love shooting foggy days/nights or rain. The colors that you see during these weather conditions are beautiful. I also enjoy taking photos of the city at night. The city changes once the sun goes down and it's intriguing to me. I'm working on a book showcasing on how Corona, Queens is changing."

Kadeem Cobham
"Kadeem Cobham or simply known as kadeeeem is a photographer + creative based out of Brooklyn, NY. With a distinctive eye developed from years of self-teachings, kadeeeem has imprinted his style in the areas of portrait, music, lifestyle, and street photography for such brands as Bacardi, Interscope, Rolling Loud, and more!"
Editors note: alright Angel didn't have a bio BUT go follow him and his work. Great guy and great photos. Cheers.

Laura Sills
"I'm Laura Sills, a Brooklyn based operations nerd and photographer. I moved to New York 9 years ago without a real plan - I just knew I belonged here from the first time I stepped foot in the city. I learned to shoot on film and loved being in the darkroom, but have switched my focus over to digital in the last couple of years and am loving the process of learning all over again. This year has reignited my love for photography and documenting the city and the history of it while I'm here in a way I didn't expect, but I've found a deeper appreciation for both my camera and New York, and I think that's starting to show up in my work in a way it never has and I'm excited to see where it takes me next."
Kevin Downey
"The biggest nor'easter in years brought some impressive surf and optimal winds to Long Island. After a long morning and early afternoon on the snowblower, I grabbed my gear and got in the water just in time to catch some action while the sun was setting. The 51 degree water was packed with talented surfers and big barrels. By the time I walked across the cold sand and into the parking lot to my car, my fingers were numb and I had a big smile on my face."

Chris Ayala
A creative force to his core, Queens native Christopher Ayala entered the photography scene in 2016, stirring up commotion with one viral photo after another. Parlaying his passion for music, fashion, and modern culture into a career in the visual arts, Christopher’s range and versatility have brought him widespread notoriety and inspired a legion of budding creatives. 
Working with brands like Complex, Under Armour, and Polaroid, the 27 year old is known for his clean lines, bold color stories, and innate connection to his subjects.
In addition to photography and videography, Christopher works as a  brand consultant and designer for his silk scarves line, Requiem Silks. He is currently based in New York City.

Meri Chaimowitz
"Hey my name is Meir Chaimowitz I'm 19 years old and I've been doing photography for the last 5 years. Recently I was in a creative rut, and I couldn't figure out how to get out of it. This storm was a perfect opportunity to get out and shoot again! Hope you like them!"
Justin Aharoni
"It was around SoHo that my hands started to numb, Broome and West Broadway to be exact.
The day started with a flurry or messages from various creatives wanting to link and explore the snow together. It was numbing almost, trying to consider gear and whom to choose as an activity partner for the first big storm of the season. It was an exciting day for sure and I could taste the anticipation.
A good friend, Adam by name, asked if I wanted to take a walk during the thick of it and that’s when it was decided; this adventure would be a personal one and such the images would differ from what I had previously envisioned. Gone were the thoughts of lens changes and capturing sweeping city views, instead I embraced the solitude and enjoyed the conditions with Adam.
These images were made during our walk over the Williamsburg bridge, through LES to Chinatown and back up around SoHo."
Shot on Sony a7RIV 
Lens Sigma 35mm 1.2
Filter Tiffen Pro Mist ¼
Edited in Lightroom Mobile
Josh Lee
I’m a photographer and writer currently studying at Syracuse University but based out of Westchester County, NY. I don’t think that I have a set style of photography yet, but I do enjoy shooting portraits and minimalistic scenes, so I guess you can call that my style. I started photography a while back but have been seriously getting into it for the past year. I love collaborating with other creators on anything really, even though I am slightly introverted."

Charlie Lederer
"Charlie is a Brooklyn based street photographer. He draws influence from his experiences growing up in Brentwood, NY, a diverse immigrant community, and a far cry from the standard assumption about Long Island. "When it comes to photography I see every subject as a performer in their own story. Not just musicians, but everyone from the athlete, to the commuter riding the subway. My goal is to capture their performance as authentically as possible.”
Jeremy Liebman

Ryan Serrano
Ryan Serrano is a photography hobbyist from Brooklyn, New York. He began taking photos in 2012 with his smartphone camera, much like many photographers today. His interest in photography grew and inspired him to explore his city more and more. Through photography, Ryan came to find a new and more intense appreciation for New York City. Ryan's work focused on landscapes in his formative years, however more recently his attention has shifted from the buildings of New York City to the people and streets that form New York City."


"As the sun rises on a Thursday morning, I decided to prepare for a big day ahead of me, as I plan to photograph the city in the white blanket of snow!"


Ryan Bradley
"I currently work for the NYC Dept of Sanitation and I started diving into photography about a year ago. It started as a hobby but has developed into a passion. At this point my goals are to continue to learn and develop my skills with the hope that my work will find an audience."


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