Santas of New York

Let's talk about Santa Con; the one day a couple of weeks before Christmas when you head out on a bar crawl around Manhattan with your friends and see every single stage of public drunkenness and joy there is to exist. We had partaken in this day a few times so we can't hate on it too much - let the kids do their thing.

The photos below seem a bit more raw than what we would see today, probably because they are. We found an article on Vintage News Daily where photographer Susan Meiselas (featured below) said about the Santas...

"Then I discovered the “Volunteers of America.” It was the organization behind the homeless men on Fifth Avenue who dressed as Santa Claus to collect money for the shelter in my neighborhood. Most people on the sidewalks just walked past them, some made contributions, but others had their children balance on Santa’s knees, never of course imagining where these men had come from.” 

Enjoy the photos. Merry Christmas, please go spend time with your family, friends, loved ones.

 Erich Hartmann (1990)
Richard Kalvar (1976)

Bruce Gilden (1968)

Leonard McCombe (1962)

Susan Meiselas (1976-1978)


Sure Thing Billiards Club: East River Bar (Williamsburg)

97 S 6th St, Brooklyn, NY
JMZ to Marcy Av
L to Bedford Av