Shop: Sure Thing Billiards Club T-Shirt

Carmelos has been our home for Sure Thing Billiard’s Club for the past 20 or so Tuesday nights. After the pandemic we wanted to support bars as much as we could - the support of Carmelo’s ended up turning into a meeting place for likeminded individuals. Not that they need support, but we wanted to give back a bit more to Carmelo’s since they have been a great home for us during this time. 
20% of profits will go back to Carmelo’s during the sale of this tee. If it sells out, we’ll make more. If it sells out for a second time, we’ll make more - so on and so forth. Just because we’ll be moving on to another spot in the near future doesn’t mean our support for places we’ve been comes to an end. 

$2 Bud Drafts forever.

  Available tomorrow, 10/14 in our online shop.