Photos: Summer Salt @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

A reason for starting Sure Thing was to be able to gain access and capture my favorite artists. With getting older (what's up 30) and transitioning out of the "going to shows two nights as week" phase, going to take photos at shows rather than going for the music alone seemed like a decent enough reason to still get out to see live music.
This Summer Salt set was something I had on my radar ever since it was announced. I was fortunate enough to gain access to a media pass for the show - round one of Sure Thing's Media Pass series was born. 
I've been following Summer Salt ever since Driving to Hawaii released in 2015 - I'm pretty sure it was summer of 2015 since I remember it being the perfect EP to slap on on the way to the beach. I thought they were from...Hawaii. Mainly due to their sound, but their album art screamed "forest in the middle of one of the Hawaiian islands." Turns out they're from Texas...

Anyway, it was a nice way to end this past weekend. A Sunday night show at the good ol Music Hall of Williamsburg. It's definitely not an ideal venue for photos - no photo pit which means you just need to lock down a spot upfront for the openers and just chill. Luckily openers Breakup Shoes and Okey Dokey were outstanding and are already saved to my Spotify library. It was an overall great show - SUPER young crowd, but hey - I'm happy the youth has a great taste in music. Waves of energy throughout each set, but there was an overarching tone of positive energy, laughs, and calm music; perfect way to head into the week.
Summer Salt was incredible. Playing such a great mix of all of their work. Classics such as "Manastra", "Summer Salt", "Rockaway" and "Time Away From Home", to current hits off of Happy Camper like "Heart in My Car", "Revvin' My CJ-7", and "Oh Dear". 
Check out the photos below, give all of these artists a listen, and please, try and get to a show if they're touring near you.
Photos by Colin Ridgway
Okey Dokey
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Breakup Shoes
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I genuinely thank you for making it this far and checking out this blog. Live music has a special place in my heart. Excited to share more with you throughout this year.