Photos: The Garden @ Brooklyn Steel

Vada Vada! The twins are back on tour after their latest release of HORSESHIT ON ROUTE 66.

Kicking it off in Brooklyn, identical twin brothers Wyatt & Fletcher Shears will be hitting most of the US, wrapping up in early December. The duo has been growing and evolving ever since the 2012 / 2013 days of their quick hit tracks on Everything is Perfect, The Garden, and The Life And Times Of A Paperclip. We haven't seen them live since they played at Market Hotel years ago, but can confirm they still bring it, as do their fans. The twins have a rabid following - dozens of fans showing up with their face's painted to match that of the two.

Flashing strobes, a lot of on-stage movement, and an active mosh, left Brooklyn Steel full of a bunch of fulfilled, sweaty jesters.

Listen - The Garden

Photos by Colin Ridgway