Photos: Wavves @ Bowery Ballroom

 Being heavy fans since 2009 / 2010, this was a dream show of ours to cover. Coming off their latest release of Hideaway I was curious to see how the live energy would change as Nathan was a bit more thorough with his lyrics in this album - instead of leaving themes up for interpretation, he filled beginning of tracks with a ton of straight to the point messages. The first three tracks Thru Hell, Hideaway, and Help is on the Way tell a clear story...

Thru Hell
" Staring at these hideous people
Point the finger but inherently evil
Get my shit, I'm going away
I can't quit but I'm done for the day
Drunk and screaming into the ether
Some people don't live in the real world"
"Today could be anything I want it to be
And that's gonna be a reflection of me
So I should be careful of everyone I meet
'Cause I don't want your dark cloud around me"

Help is on the Way
" I gotta get away
From the things that mean to bring me pain
These snakes they don't surprise me
It's a heavy burden
Hiding hate away
It's like a river wants to drown drown down me
And then the dam breaks
I'm out the flood gates
I'm gonna let the water carry me away now"

As for the show itself, the energy didn't let up at all. The set included tracks from the last five albums, but heavily consisted of tracks from Afraid Of Heights and King of the Beach, which I was not mad about one bit. Crowd was rowdy as usual - moshing, crowd surfing, one kid puking on the floor; what else would you expect? Nathan was also super talkative and interactive with the crowd as he enjoyed his bottle of Jameson, making jokes and helping people retrieve their lost cell phones. Fun fact: Nathan does not know how to open an Android.

The show ended with Nathan handing his white Fender into the crowd, insisting that someone keeps it. My hand was one of I'd say eight hands on it, but everyone ended up saying "give it back", which I didn't understand. If Nathan says take my guitar, ya take it. Oh well. Maybe next time.